Henry O. Briceño


Currently, Dr. Briceño is an Affiliate Research Scholar at the Florida International University, after being professor at Universidad Central de Venezuela since 1976. He has lectured undergraduate courses on Geochemistry, Physical Geology, Geomorphology, Photogeological Interpretation, and Field Geology, as well as X-Ray Mineralogy, Remote Sensing, Field Geology and Geochemistry Seminar in graduate school. His research activities include Remote Sensing in heavily vegetated terrains, Geochemical Watershed Assessment, Tropical Weathering, Engineering Geology, Geochemical Exploration, Geomorphology and Chemostratigraphy. He was in charge of the Low-Temperature Geochemistry Laboratory, the X-Ray Laboratory and the Remote Sensing Lab, besides being Head of the Geochemistry of the Tropical Environment Center at the Earth Sciences Institute in Venezuela. Dr. Briceño has held positions as Editor of scientific periodicals and as Director of the Venezuelan Association for the Advancement of Science. Most recently, at Florida International University he became Co-Principal Investigator for monitoring coastal water quality in South Florida (Coastal Everglades, Florida Bay, Florida Keys and Biscayne Bay). He is co-author of six books.

Since 1988, Dr. Briceño held managerial and executive positions in service and industrial companies, both public and private. He was the founding President of EIG Litos, a company dedicated to international hydrocarbon and mineral exploration. He held responsibilities as Advisory Board Member and Geology Supervisor for the Regional Resource Inventory of the Guayana Region (over 400,000 km2), and prepared or coordinated environmental audits and impact studies in diverse mining, engineering, hydrocarbon and hydroelectric operations in Venezuela. He was corporate manager for Mining Planning and Control in CVG, the second largest corporation of Venezuela, and was Member of the Board for several engineering and mining companies.



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